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Every town has a history, even small ones like Woking. The place has gradually evolved over the last 15 decades with some buildings that are more than 40 years old!

Towards the east of old Woking, there was a small Roman settlement. The three burial mounds on Horsell Common are almost 30 centuries old.

The monks from Chertsey constructed a church 1300 years ago. Most likely this church was built in the same place where Old Woking church is situated now. By 1066,the  Vikings demolished this church, but it was built again. After that, a small village started to settle near it.

Fast forward to 1838, the railway reached Woking Common. Two years later, a branch line was connected to Guildford. Then Woking Station was commonly used as a junction to transport goods and passengers. Moreover, people could easily travel to London within an hour.

By 1975, the city started becoming an industrial and business centre, as well as a perfect commuter town for London. The population reached 80,000 with people opting for trains to go to London.

Wolsey Place, the first shopping mall, was constructed in the same year. A theatre, swimming pool, new library and halls were some other attractive additions.

With the introduction of taxi companies, people started to use these services more often. A decline was seen in the number of people who used train as a medium to travel from Woking to other places.

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Choosing MiCabi for a Safe Journey in Woking

Executive taxi services are becoming quite common in Woking. A passenger can select any company from various taxi firms. However, choosing a safe Woking taxi can sometimes become difficult for people, especially for tourists.

MiCabi is reliable taxi service that mainly operates in Woking. It is an airport transfer company and also operates as an executive taxi service.

You can safely travel from Woking to London to reach your destination on time. MiCabi can also provide you a taxi so that you can comfortably travel to Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted or Luton airport.

The additional benefits of choosing this taxi company are:

  • The fares are fixed. MiCabi offers flat charges so that you won’t have to argue with the driver. In this way, you can plan your journey accordingly without thinking twice about your budget.
  • The drivers are carefully selected after vigorous assessment sessions. This means that they are chosen from a wide pool of talented candidates. The company makes sure that they prioritisethe safety of their passengers.
  • The chauffeurs are punctual and friendly. You can have a chat with them if you are bored and want to talk to someone during the journey.
  • MiCabi provides a fleet of cars to their customers. You can choose what you need to satisfy your travelling