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There are several ways to travel in Guildford but maybe the best of them is a safe Woking taxi journey! Now, you can either call a cab by waving or whistling, or simply use a mobile app to hail a ride.

Obviously, the easier option is to make use of your fingers while sitting in your house and book a taxi. In this case, MiCabi can be your first choice.

For short journeys you can opt for a bus instead of a taxi. For longer distances a bus trip can be tiring. In that case, you need an executive car to spread your legs and take a nap.

Now, let’s discuss how you can find a reasonably priced taxi service.

How to Look for an Affordable Taxi in Guildford?

It is not possible that the first taxi that you discover provides a reasonable rate.  That is why you should not limit your search while exploring different options. Long journeys can be costly if you choose an expensive service, especially for an airport transfer.

So, how can you make a solid decision? Well, you can start by comparing the prices of different reputed taxi companies to get a rough idea about fares.

Although there are many taxi services in Guildford, only some of them are affordable like MiCabi. The thing worth noting about this company is that the prices are fixed. This will help you to make up your mind by looking at your budget before commencing a trip.

The Variety of Cars in Guildford

Before you look for an economical and first-class taxi company, you have to determine the type of car you need for your journey. Normally, luxury cars are for businessmen and corporate passengers. On the other hand, big executive cars are for large families.

By taking a look at the website of MiCabi, you will find a variety of cars for different types of passengers. However, you have to consider your budget as well as the number of travellers before you select an executive car.

Not doing so can cause problems for you and the other passengers. There might be shortage of space, or in a worst case scenario you can run out of cash. Avoid these embarrassing situations by selecting MiCabi for your journey.

So, what has MiCabi in store for you?

  • Standard Saloon: An economical and safe taxi. It can easily accommodate up to 4 people.
  • E-Class Mercedes: Comfortable and recommended for elite class passengers. It can also hold up to 4 people.
  • Estate Car: Preferable for meetings or events. It has a seating capacity for 4 passengers.
  • Small and Large MPV: Mainly used by families or for large luggage items. They can carry 5 and 8 passengers respectively.

Now, you can get a price quote or any other information from MiCabi, and then decide which executive car is affordable.