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Passengers are always on the lookout for a cheap and reliable Woking taxi. However, this only looks easy when you’re saying it. In real life, finding transport that is both budget-friendly and comfortable too can be very difficult to get!

Before looking for an executive taxi service, you have to determine the type of car you’d need for your journey. Your trip length and the number of passengers can help you to make a wise decision. Let’s take a look at the different types of taxis that you can afford in Woking.

E-Class Mercedes

The E-Class Mercedes is perhaps the first choice for a lavish and comfy journey. Apart from this feature, the car can hold various luggage items.

Business clients and other passengers find E-Class Mercedes to be an excellent choice for travelling in groups. You might have seen these cars in weddings as well; elegantly parked outside a marriage hall.

This vehicle can hold up to 4 passengers, 2 suitcases and 2 hand luggage items at the same time. What more do you need?

MiCabi offers E-Class Mercedes to its valued customers.

Standard Saloon

MiCabi’s Standard Saloon can be an ideal choice for regular customers. Users who frequently travel cannot afford a very luxurious vehicle. It also becomes an easy target for thieves.

This car can be used as a safe taxi in Woking and it is economical as well. Moreover, Standard Saloon is also comfortable and you can close your eyes to rest in the back seat. If you are looking for an airport transfer service or want to use it as a normal taxi in Woking, then this car is for you.

Additionally, you can also travel to your meetings in the Standard Saloon. Normally, the passengers of this car are business executives and private clients.

Large MPV

The Large MPV is mostly used by large families or groups of passengers. Up to eight passengers can easily sit in the car along with eight suitcases and two handbags.

It is mostly preferred for airport pick up in Woking. Sill the Large MPV can be hired for meetings or for a picnic.

How to Get an Affordable Taxi?

The word “affordable” has a different meaning for different individuals. You might be able to travel in an E-Class Mercedes, but some people would prefer the Small MPV. Whatever the case is, you should know how to get a car within your budget.

The primary task is to look for a safe taxi in Woking. When you have narrowed down your options, then you need to compare the prices of different taxi services. However, you have to be aware that some taxi drivers might ask for extra fare after the ride ends.

MiCabi offers fixed charges so you can decide whether it is affordable for you or not. The chauffeurs are well-mannered and friendly so don’t hesitate to have a nice chat with them.