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From Woking to Heathrow, some taxi drivers are involved in ripping off their customers. Airport pick up in Woking can become a nightmare if you don’t know that you are not being charged fairly. A few tips can help you to steer clear of being exploited.

Know Your Destination’s Location

You can be easily manipulated by a taxi driver if you do not know where you are going. Before you catch a cab, you need to identify your intended destination. You can either ask someone you know or check the location on the map. Taking a screenshot of your destination is a good thing to do.

You can either use a paper map, an offline app or online app if you always have an internet connection on your device. These apps will guide you and can even give verbal instructions if you turn on the speaking feature. In this way you can closely watch your journey and warn the taxi driver if a wrong turn is taken.

Asking a Local Person

Before you climb into your taxi, it is better to ask a local person about the cost of the journey. If you are using an airport pick up service, you can first take advice from the tourist information desks. You can also find an estimated fares list from your guesthouse or hotel, or from a website. You can also email a relevant person and ask him or her about taxi costs.

A safe taxi in Woking like MiCabi is always more preferable than local cabs.

Use the Taxi Meter

If the taxi has a meter to calculate the journey’s cost, then make sure that the driver uses it. The rates are usually found pinned on the taxi’s wall. You also need to ensure that the meter is not tampered and moving too fast. You should also check that the driver is not taking a longer route. By using the offline or online GPS app you can follow the route and observe the driver. Don’t be afraid to talk if there are sudden changes in the taxi meter.


Bartering and Setting the Price

You need to negotiate before both you and the taxi driver reach a final price. Always try to be polite while bartering the price. This approach will come in handy for setting a nominal value. Success is when you and the taxi driver are satisfied with the price.

If you do not have any idea about the journey’s cost it is better to take a rough estimate before opening your mouth. Setting a very low price might annoy the taxi driver, and a high price would put a big dent on your wallet.

A safe Woking taxi service like MiCabi can help you from being ripped off. MiCabi offers fixed prices, so you won’t have to worry about arguing with the driver. Make sure to use this service and reach your destination quickly.