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Like the rest of the world, the taxi industry is moving on. Technology has rocked both the driver and customer experience and has become more accessible due to improved efficiency. Woking taxi companies are able to offer safer, more dependable journeys and improve customer satisfaction, MiCabi are looking at the qualities all good, modern taxi companies should be provided as standard to their customers.

Lower Fares

You might think that technology would increase your taxi fares, but it’s quite the opposite. The technology that is now available in cars means that taxi companies do not have to charge over-the-top fuel prices. Here at MiCabi, we take care to select modern cars and are constantly updating our fleet. This ensures we stay competitive and do not pass on any unnecessary fuel prices.

As so many of our clients commute into London or are looking to enjoy a smooth, chauffeured drive into the capital, an eco-friendly, modern car means that MiCabi are not subject to Low Emission Zone costs. The Low Emission Zone was put in place to reduce pollution in London and taxi companies that do not adhere will inflict these costs (and other road fees such as tolls) onto their customers.

Dispatch technology also cuts costs for taxi customers. Unlike black cabs, you can call MiCabi for a fixed price quote. With modern technology, taxi companies are now able to provide a more accurate cost. This means they won’t be over-estimating and overcharging, which is in the interest of overall customer satisfaction and return rate. At MiCabi, we have built a solid reputation throughout our areas for competitive, affordable transport solutions, wherever you are going!

Better Customer Service

Quality taxi companies that keep up with technology can take advantage of flight tracking to provide better customer service. For example, MiCabi monitors all flights on airport transfers if the information is provided at the point at booking. Dispatch software and efficient communication between our base and drivers means that we are sure to be ready for pickup when you are. Flight tracking means that your drivers are not waiting around and you are unknowingly racking up a great big bill. Onboard navigation systems also enables taxi companies to provide flexible pick up locations. Taxi companies with contemporary cars and technology can provide quicker pickups, finding your location more efficiently even if it is slightly more hidden.

However, technology might not have beaten good old fashion experience. Whilst navigation systems might be able to notify a driver of hold ups and traffic, our knowledgeable drivers will be able to asses the situation and navigate around the problem wherever they can, making taxis more reliable than ever before.

Modern cars also ensure a better customer experience. Passengers could charge their devices on the way to the airport for a business trip or just away on a long day out. Taxi journeys have never been more relaxing or more efficient.

Easier To Book

Modern taxi companies now take advantage of easy booking software. This means that passengers can book from wherever they are, either over the phone or via apps. This leap in taxi technology also means customers are more confident to book safe and dependable local taxis rather than hailing cars at random.

Most apps also allow passengers to rate their experiences. This means that customers know when they are booking a quality service and provide an incentive for taxi companies to improve their service.
To benefit from these factors and enjoy a journey in your choice of modern taxi, get in touch with a member of our team (or via our app!) today!