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Located in the south west corner of Surrey and bordering the county of Hampshire, Farnham is a flourishing town. It features a 12th century castle, lively shopping streets and magnificent river walks. People can find fashion brands, households essential and unique gifts in the market of the town.

The residents of Farnham often go to London for business reasons or vacation. The distance from Farnham to London is about 45.2 mi via M3 and it takes about 1h 7 min if you are travelling by car. People can also use a train or a bus to get to London from Farnham. However, those who want to enjoy a comfortable ride and arrive at their destination on time use a taxi service to travel from Farnham to London. Here are some reasons why using a Woking taxi to get to London from Farnham is the ideal option.

Time is of the Essence

When it comes to getting to London from Farnham by public transportation, you must factor in a lot of extra time to accommodate the unpredictability of trains and tardy nature of buses. If you want to attend an important business meeting, you can’t afford to be late. A bus or train cannot guarantee that you’ll reach your destination on time. However, you get that guarantee when use a taxi service.

A chauffeur driving the taxi will plan ahead and check the traffic on all the routes. They will take the fastest route to ensure you arrive on time.

Reasonable Price

Many people take the bus or train from Farnham to London to save their bucks. What they don’t realize is that if they are late at a business meeting because of travelling in a bus or train, they can lose thousands or even millions. Why take the risk when there are affordable taxi services available to travel from Farnham to London?

Taxi services like MiCabi are reasonably priced. Hiring a taxi to travel from Farnham to London won’t break the bank.


One of the major advantages of using a taxi service to travel from Farnham to London is that you can enjoy a private travel experience. There won’t be any screaming children, arguing couples or boisterous teenagers to annoy you in your taxi. You’ll begin your journey peacefully and end it like that as well.

Experienced Chauffeurs

The chauffeurs employed by taxi services like MiCabi are experienced and have an extensive knowledge of Farnham, London and other cities. Just book a cab, enter your destination and then wait for the cab to pick you up from Farnham and drop you off in London. You can relax, work on your project or enjoy the time with your family while a chauffeur takes you to London.


The word convenience cannot be used to describe the bus and train services of the United Kingdom. You have to deal with other passengers and experience delays due to traffic congestions. Moreover, you may even miss a bus or train as they wait for no one. The same doesn’t happen when you hire a taxi to travel from Farnham to London. A taxi will arrive at your pick-up point and even wait for you to get ready. You won’t need to rush or worry about missing a taxi.