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Stansted Airport is located at Stansted Mountfitchet 42 mi northeast of Central London. If you are travelling to Stansted Airport from Farnham, there are several options you can take to get to the airport. You can travel to the airport by car, by bus or by Woking airport taxi. Of all these options, using a taxi to travel to the Stansted Airport is the best option. We’ll tell you why soon. Before that, a little introduction about Farnham is due.


Farnham is nestled in Surry and is known for its historic buildings, craft heritage and Georgian streets. Great food, fascinating heritage, lush green countryside and wealth of quirky shops make Farnham the perfect place for tourists.

When residents of Farnham or tourists have to travel to another city or back to their home town through an aircraft, they often use the Stansted Airport. The distance from Farnham to Stansted Airport is 88.1 mi via M25 and takes about 1 h 26 min if you travel in a car or a taxi. On the other hand, if you take public transport, there is no telling how much time the bus will take to get you to the airport.

As mentioned earlier, the mode of transport that is most suited to travel from Farnham to Stansted Airport is taxi. Let’s discover why.


Using a bus to travel to Stansted Airport from Farnham can be inconvenient. It will stop to take other passengers and may even get stuck in traffic due to its large size. Hiring an airport taxi to get to the Stansted Airport from Farnham provides you convenience. You don’t have to worry about the cab stopping at different points.

Furthermore, the chauffeurs of the airport taxi service like MiCabi have extensive knowledge of all the routes leading to the Stansted Airport. They will take the route with the minimal traffic to ensure you don’t get stuck in traffic.

Arrive on Time

It is said that time is money. Well, if you don’t book an airport taxi for travelling to the Stansted Airport from Farnham, you’ll essentially be losing money. Other mode of transportation will take more time to get you to the airport. Just imagine what will happen if you don’t arrive at Stansted Airport on time. The plane will not wait for you and you’ll miss your flight. Then, you’ll have to go back to Farnham and book your flight again. All of this can be avoided if you book an airport taxi.

Comfortable and Pleasant Ride

When you use a hired airport taxi service, you’ll be able to relax in the back seat while a chauffeur drives for you. You won’t have to worry about getting lost in Farnham because you don’t know the routes. An airport taxi will take you to your destination without any hassle.

In a nutshell, if you want to get to the Stansted Airport from Farnham, book an airport taxi from MiCabi to save your time and enjoy a comfortable and pleasant ride.