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Finding a cheap and reliable source for travelling in Guildford is not easy. However, your hardship is not limited to this point only.

Moving from Guildford to Gatwick Airport is even more difficult. The 45 mins and 33.6 miles journey can go off-track if you choose the wrong kind of service.

That is why it is recommended to look for a safe taxi (reliable) in Guildford. One such cab provider is MiCabi.

So let’s explore how you can identify a professional Woking taxi service for an airport transfer from Guildford to Gatwick.

Quality of Car

The car’s quality can sometimes be enough to portray the whole story of the taxi company. First examine the exterior of the vehicle, and then look at the interior.

Sometimes the exterior is polished and shiny to give an attractive first look, but the interior is just plain dirty. Some taxi companies are of the opinion that first impression is the last impression. So, they don’t bother to clean the taxi’s cabin and just focus on the outer look.

By observing the inner and outer quality of a taxi, you can clearly get an idea about the kind of service that company provides. Never opt for a cheap and pathetic taxi company to move from Guildford to Gatwick Airport.

MiCabi has first-class cars which are inspected properly from time to time. Quality is their foremost priority and MiCabi does not compromise on this factor.

Asking Previous Users

Taking feedback and reviews from previous customers is an effective technique to judge a taxi company. The users of any company are like a clear mirror that reflect the quality of service.

It is better to first look for reviews and feedback on the company’s website. If the taxi service has a Facebook page, you can read the reviews and see the ratings there.

You can ask any previous or existing customer for a review of MiCabi. It is not possible that you will get a complaint from even a single person. How is that so? Well, MiCabi maintains its high standard by prioritizing customer satisfaction over other things.

MiCabi is the Solution for Guildford to Gatwick Airport Journey

To get rid of all your worries about travelling from Guildford to Gatwick Airport, you can straightaway opt for MiCabi. This is what you get:

  • A safe and secure journey and a quality service.
  • A wide variety of vehicles. The taxi company offers Estate cars, E-Class Mercedes, Standard Saloons and small and large MPVs.
  • You won’t need to pay extra tips or charges. The fares are fixed and there is no need of bargaining.
  • The drivers are experienced, trained and professional. They are carefully picked after vigorous sessions of assessment.
  • The chauffeurs are polite and helpful.

It’s still a mystery to us as to why people even opt for taxi services other than MiCabi.