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If you are a regular or even a new traveler from Guildford to Heathrow Airport, you need to consider choosing a safe Woking taxi for this journey.

Although the trip usually takes half an hour to complete, you should be using an airport taxi for this journey. A car is probably an ideal vehicle to travel those 21.9 miles.

Taxi vs. Train or Bus

You might be thinking why should you opt for a taxi over a bus or a train? Well, we will provide you with a reasonable answer to that question.

The time taken for a rail journey from Guildford to Heathrow Airport normally takes more than an hour. That is almost two times more than the time taken with a cab. So, if you are in a hurry or don’t want to waste your valuable time, you can choose a taxi for this journey.

Moreover, the added advantage is that the taxi will come right at your doorstep. You can then easily put your entire luggage in the trunk and settle yourself in the cozy cabin.

On the other hand, if you prefer to travel by a train, you will have to visit the railway station and then wait for the train. Time is money, so it is advisable for businesses and corporate employees to choose a taxi for Guildford to Heathrow Airport transfer.

The buses in Guildford are usually behind schedule. Moreover, they are slower than taxis and the journey is longer. Don’t tire yourself out and call a cab to save your time and energy.

A tip to remember is that MiCabi is a safe taxi in Guildford. You can travel with ease and comfort from Guildford to Heathrow Airport just by calling a cab to your doorstep.

MiCabi to Travel from Guildford to Heathrow Airport

MiCabi not only allows you to have a comfortable journey, but also a safe one; free from any worries. The additional benefits are:

  • You can select your preferred vehicle from a fleet of cars. The company has a variety of vehicles including small and large MPVs, Standard Saloons, E-Class Mercedes and Estate cars.
  • The drivers are professionals and always on time. They are trained and are capable of maneuvering a taxi in the best possible way.
  • MiCabi stands apart from its competitors due to its high quality and timely service.
  • The best thing is that the prices are fixed and conveyed to the user at the time of booking.
  • The chauffeurs of MiCabi don’t ask for extra charges or tips.

Even if your flight is late, you don’t need to panic. MiCabi offers a 45 minutes free waiting time on the airport. So, when your plane touches down, you will see the driver eagerly waiting for you.

So what are you waiting for? Open your browser or app and call a MiCabi taxi.