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It takes more than an hour to travel from Guildford to Luton Airport via a Woking taxi. You also have other options for this journey such as using a bus or a train.

Perhaps the most convenient journey for this distance is through a taxi. Buses and trains can get late but it is rare for taxis to not reach on time.


Guildford is a large town which is located in Surrey, England. It is situated 27 miles southwest of central London. The place holds a population of more than 80,000 people.

An executive taxi in Guildford like MiCabi is what you really need for your long and short journeys.

Luton Airport

This international airport is situated almost 25 miles north of Central London. Considering the passenger traffic, Luton Airport is the fifth busiest airport in the UK. More than 100,000 different types of aircrafts move over this airport in a year.

You can easily and comfortably travel from Guildford to Luton Airport via MiCabi.

The Advantages of Using a Reputed Airport Taxi Service

It is important to reach to the airport on time, especially for professional businessmen and corporate employees. That is why you need to choose a dependable airport transfer service such as MiCabi.

A flight ticket is expensive and you won’t want to let your hard-earned money go down the drain due to an unprofessional and inexperienced driver.

Many corporate passengers in Guildford usually travel via air to different parts of the world. They prefer dependable services over cheap ones. Missing a meeting can be quite costly for these kinds of people.

Whether you are a corporate traveller or a normal passenger, you can make use of MiCabi to travel in a safe environment.

Taxi companies that value the life of their passengers make sure that their chauffeur is experienced enough to navigate in tough circumstances. The driver knows the importance of the passenger’s life. At the same time, the chauffeur realizes the significance of reaching to the destination on time.

A reputed airport transfer service will thoroughly inspect the condition of their cars. There will be regular maintenance of vehicles and any necessary replacement is an urgent priority for such companies.


MiCabi is not like any other normal taxi company. It provides a better and faster service. The fares are fixed and there is no need of bargaining with the driver.

By choosing MiCabi, you can explore the variety of options by browsing through a fleet of cars. Then you can select whichever vehicle is the most suitable for you (and your family or group of friends).

The taxi company provides different kinds of small and large cars. It is up to the passengers to choose any one which they prefer.

Whether you need an executive taxi in Guildford or are looking for an airport transfer service, you can freely opt for MiCabi.