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Known for its Georgian architecture, gorgeous scenery and marketplaces, Farnham is a must-see location in Surrey, England. Just an hour-long train ride from the Waterloo Station, this little town has a lot of interesting history that you must see – and see it all via a Woking taxi.

Farnham Castle

The eponymous mark of history is one of the most interesting architectural locations in Surrey. The castle is believed to have been built around 1138, set on 5 acres of lush gardens. Overlooking the town, the castle had been home to the Bishops of Winchester for over 800 years.

Today, English Heritage offers free entry to the public. You can also take guided tours offered by the local guides for a small fare. The grandeur of the castle makes it a must on your itinerary.

Waverly Abbey

You can dive a decade deeper into England’s history by visiting the ruins of Waverly Abbey. Just 2 miles off of Farnham, the ruins are scattered in a field of greenery and fields along the path of the river. Founded in 1128, the ruins were England’s first Cistercian monastery and have centuries of history.

You can observe this history and the beauty of the ruins free of charge. You can read the information panels along the ruins, immersing yourself in the stories as you imagine the abbey in its heyday.

Farnham Maltings

Farnham Maltings is a creative arts centre located in the heart of the bustling town. It is situated in a converted Victorian factory that houses rehearsal spaces, 15 art studios, a cellar bar, the Great Hall, a cinema, and a café. It was bought by the local community in 1969 and is currently led by the town council.

Since the purpose of the arts centre is to encourage artistic creativity, it attracts talent from all around the country. This means that there is some event or function going on. You can check their website and pop in during an event that you find interesting and support the local community.

Lion and Lamb Café and Restaurant

Who doesn’t love and appreciate a plate of delicious hot food? The Lion and Lamb restaurant will satiate your cravings with a meal you’ll remember. The restaurant is located in the middle of the town at number 19.

It is a splendid courtyard that opens up to streets lined with shops and cafés. It is surrounded on all sides by wooden beamed buildings that give the whole atmosphere a historic feel. You can enjoy a full English meal while feeling like you are in a Charles Dickens novel. The restaurant also has a “bring your own” policy for a small corkage.

These locations are only a few examples of what this quaint town has to offer.

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