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The price of taxis can vary massively depending on where you are in the UK and the kind of service you choose. It is incredible to see how big the differences in price per mile can actually be. A new analysis of local authority data shows the huge differences in costs between the 25 biggest cities in the UK. It is an interesting insight into the industry. As the most reliable place to book a Woking Taxi has to offer, we would like to discuss the data with you.

London is not the most expensive

Most people would expect London to be the most expensive place to get a taxi in the UK. Surprisingly it was only fifth overall with an average price of £2.99 per mile.

So which cities had higher costs? Cambridgeshire, Oxford and Leeds had slightly higher prices at £3.03, £3.04, and £3.06 respectively. Surprisingly Coventry topped the list at £3.11. Strangely this is also the city where the London Taxi Company (LTC) opened a new factory. They will produce their first generation of electric vehicles here.

Which cities were the cheapest?

There is quite a large difference between the cities with the cheapest average taxi price per mile. Liverpool topped the list at £2.15 followed by Edinburgh (£2.22), Brighton (£2.28) and Kingston-upon-Hull (£2.45).

The most surprising thing from the data is that people in the most expensive locations can be paying as much as 45% more for a trip. This is quite a huge difference.

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