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Located near West Sussex, Gatwick Airport serves 200 locations in about 90 countries for more than 35 million passengers a year. In terms of passenger traffic, it’s the second busiest airport in the United Kingdom with only Heathrow Airport ahead of it. Despite of the fact that the airport operates a single runway, it is still mostly crowded with people and used by many passengers for travelling worldwide.

People from different towns including Weybridge use the Gatwick Airport for air travel. When travelling to Gatwick Airport from Weybridge, people have the option to use a bus, train or a Woking airport taxi. Out of all these options, airport taxi is most preferable. We’ll tell you why.

Weybridge to Gatwick Airport

Weybridge is nestled in Surrey’s Elbridge district. The magnificent River Thames bounds the north of the town adding to its beauty. People of Weybridge are often required to travel to other locations in the country and abroad. For that purpose, they use the airports nearest to them like the Heathrow Airport or Gatwick Airport.  Heathrow Airport is usually the first priority for people of Weybridge. However, if they can’t book a flight from Heathrow, they consider the second best option i.e. Gatwick Airport.

Distance from Weybridge to Gatwick Airport is 32.2 mi via M25 and it takes about 41 minutes to get there by car. People who use the train to travel from Weybridge to Gatwick Airport will arrive at their distance after at least 1 hour 15 minutes.

Most people prefer to use an airport taxi to travel from Weybridge to Gatwick Airport. The comfort and convenience of travelling in an airport taxi is unmatched. You can’t get the same if you travel by a bus or train.

Hassles of Travelling in a Bus or Train

Travelling in a bus or train can be frustrating for people who prefer seclusion. Buses or trains are mostly crowded with all types of people who can create a noisy and uncomfortable environment. Moreover, buses are more prone to get stuck in traffic while a train will takes at least an hour to get to the Gatwick Airport if you catch one from Weybridge. This means that you’ll have to leave early to ensure that you don’t miss your flight. However, even when you do so, there is no guarantee that you’ll arrive at the airport on time.

MiCabi to the Rescue

The hassles of travelling in a bus or train can be avoided by hiring an airport taxi from MiCabi. MiCabi’s airport taxis provide a convenient and comfortable ride to people who wish to travel from Weybridge to Gatwick Airport. Furthermore, professional chauffeurs ensure that the passengers get to their destination on time to catch their flight. Arrival on time is guaranteed when you use a MiCabi airport taxi to travel from Weybridge to Gatwick Airport. Therefore, the next time you have to get to the Gatwick Airport from Weybridge, book a MiCabi airport taxi.