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In recent years, London has evolved to become a great place for tourists with many exciting spots to visit. Traveling from Woking to London usually takes 70 to 80 minutes.

You might find many taxi services in London, but finding a safe Woking taxi is not that easy. A reliable company will help you to travel easily and safely to your destination. That is why we recommend you to use MiCabi to travel from Woking to London.

Here are some tricks which you can employ to travel cheaply and securely.

Compare Fare

Before you opt for any taxi service, you should compare the rates with other companies. In this way, you will be able to determine the right price of the journey.

If you hail a taxi, make sure to negotiate and set the fare before the ride starts. When the journey ends, only give the negotiated amount, unless you are in the mood of giving a tip.

Taxi drivers often ask for additional amount by providing lame excuses. Say no and move on. Nobody can force you to make extra payments.

The chauffeurs in Woking of MiCabi would never ask for additional charges. The taxi company has strict pricing policies and you won’t have to pay even a single extra penny.

Know Your Destination

The first step before you choose a Woking to London taxi is to identify your destination. Open a map and pin point the location.

Many taxi drivers who have meters in their cars take a longer route to increase the costs. Obviously, the meter will show a higher price if the distance traveled is more. After the ride ends, you would be forced to pay a large bill.

What you can do is open up a map during the journey to keep a check on the driver’s intention. In this way, the driver will also be alerted and he would avoid taking a longer route. If the driver still manages to take a wrong turn, you can guide him to the shorter path.

The drivers of MiCabi are instructed to follow the shortest possible route. However, they can follow an alternative route if they are aware of the traffic conditions.

Call and Confirm

If you don’t get a confirmation call from the taxi company after a booking, make sure to contact them. You might be thinking that your booking is confirmed but remember that there are chances of mistakes.

The error is mostly due to a human operator. It is a good practice to call and confirm all the details beforehand. In this way, you can also talk about the fare and sometimes might be even able to negotiate on a lesser fee.

MiCabi Can Help You

MiCabi is here to help you in selecting a safe taxi in Woking. With an excellent record of serving their customers, the company makes sure that the passengers are 100 % satisfied.