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It takes approximately an hour to drive from Woking to Luton Airport. For this journey, choose a professional taxi service, like MiCabi, to enjoy the ride with a skilled and friendly chauffeur.

Let’s take a look at some things you should know before traveling from Woking to Luton Airport via taxi.

Choose Wisely

Before opting for a taxi service, you might consider researching the company. If you go outside and hail a taxi, then you really can’t research beforehand. On the other hand, if you are looking for a professional airport transfer service, you can take advice and recommendations from previous customers.

A taxi company with a past record of a large number of accidents and thefts should be avoided. MiCabi has an excellent track record of providing high quality service to their customers.



Take Care of Your Luggage

If you have a small hand-carry or bag, you should keep it inside the passenger’s compartment. Often people forget to take their luggage out of the trunk and then they regret their decision.

When you finish your ride from Woking to Luton Airport, make sure to take out all your bags first before paying the driver. Intentionally or unintentionally, the driver might leave and you might be standing on the airport hopelessly praying that the driver comes back.

There are very slim chances of getting your luggage back once it is gone. Therefore, protect your bags by being more careful and vigilant.

The drivers of MiCabi are honest, but that does not mean that you should keep on forgetting your luggage in the taxi.

Say No When You Need To

If a driver asks for extra money after you reach your destination, hand him the agreed amount and leave the spot. Taxi drivers, mostly who are not part of companies, have a bad habit of making excuses to get some extra cash.

Don’t fall into the “sweet words” of these drivers and learn to say no. Eventually, you will be able to save money by rejecting the demands of greedy drivers.

The Benefits of Choosing MiCabi

MiCabi is not like any other taxi service. Common taxi drivers often demand additional charges after completing a ride. On the other hand, this safe Woking taxi makes your life easier by mentioning all the charges beforehand.

This taxi service makes sure that their cars are carefully inspected and the drivers are fully trained to handle every type of situation. Finding a reliable company for airport transfers in Woking is not easy. That is why you can end your search by selecting MiCabi for a safe and sound journey.

The company offers a fleet of cars so you can choose according to your demand. You can opt for the Large MPV to carry more passengers or select E-Class Mercedes for a lavish journey. To have a better look at all the cars, you can visit this link.